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At Smart Water Services, we understand you have a lot on your plate. Fracking is an overwhelming, dangerous job that demands much of your time and money.

Our innovative chlorine dioxide takes care of water decontamination for you. Our fast-acting, low-dose ratio biocide is hard on bacteria but easy on the environment.

4 - Step CIO2 &

Water Treatment Plan



Set Up A Face-to-Face Consultation

Schedule a meeting with our team.


Perform Lab Analysis On Water Samples

We will gather and test water samples.


Provide A Proposal With Execution Plan

We will set appropriate expectations of cost and metrics that can be measured effectively.


Apply The Chemistry

We will execute the application plan and measure results.

What Makes Our

CIO2 Formula Different?


Our ClO2 formula is a unique, green chemistry and is the most effective bacteria-killing formula for fracking operations.

Unlike with traditional biocides, bacteria won't develop a resistance to chlorine dioxide, therefore there are far less surviving bacteria present in your frac fluid.

The fast-acting formula kills all live bacteria and spores in water, including APB and SRB, without leaving harmful byproducts behind.

Chlorine dioxide is also extremely effective at removing contaminants like iron from flow-back/produced waters so that those barrels can be used for fracking operations.

This eliminates the extra cost of disposal and barrel replacement, saving you money. And it’s safer for the environment.


Our Values

At SWS, we value honesty, transparency and integrity above all else. We deliver real-time results for our treatments so you know you are getting a return on your investment.


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